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I am a freelance artist, animator and designer. My first beginnings into art started when I often doodled in my notebooks as a fun hobby. They were mostly everyday occurrences and experiences such as the books I read or the cartoons I grew up watching. After being inspired by looking at graphic novels, illustrations and animated movies and TV shows, I would begin developing my artistic skills and apply them to important needed tasks including creating posters, banners, t-shirt designs and creating silly animated projects and videos. It was there I realized that those various forms of art media including illustration, design and animation are works that I can truly express my ideas from.


I have multiple art styles that I like to experiment with when I create my illustrated pieces. Some of them range from being modern to the classics based on the media I grew up on. I feel that the more new and diverse styles and techniques artists learn, the better that they can use what they learn to create a unique presence.

If you want to work with me, we can get in touch by social media or by email.

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