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tehnutball introduction
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tehnutball, or "the (teh) nutball"  is my known identity within the internet presence. I go by Jen for those that know me locally.
I'm an illustrator and designer located in the upper east coast of the United States. My early works were influenced by both western and Japanese pop culture that I discovered at a young age through reading graphic novels and watching animated media. Eventually, what became a hobby as an artist to express inspiration through visual imagery, as well as learning how to express other individual or group ideas, concepts and identity through multimedia including design, soon became a career path for me and now currently a profession.

My art style: inspired by "UPA revival,"  is a reflection of the animated media I grew to love throughout my childhood. I believe in not only coming up with new and modern techniques, but acknowledging and incorporating the unique techniques of the past through my work, both in art and design. There is also a variation of different styles I like to mimic and experiment with, especially to convey whatever emotion or tone the work intends to be.

My goal as an illustrator and designer is to simply bring old and new ideas into visual existence for an audience to understand, react and learn, and also to represent the intended client's identity. I hope to one day also tell stories I have to share through my characters in various media including novels and eventually an animated series.

To reach out to me regarding a commission/project or to connect, send a response through email or by my listed social medias. I look forward to meeting!

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