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  • Making the commission request by email or by social media.

  • Discussing the details of the request including:

- the subject(s), including characters, objects, backgrounds

- the commission category

- the rendering type

- whether the artwork will be for personal or commercial usage

- if applicable, a deadline for when the artwork should be complete

- providing references/examples of the subject described

- desired budget or funds for the commission

  • Confirmation of whether the request can be completed.

  • Reading and agreeing the terms of service, preferably prior to making your request.

  • Sending full or partial payment for the request to begin artwork.

  • Receiving and reviewing watermarked artwork in progress (WIP) and discussing any revisions or additions to the artwork. 

  • Approving final draft of the artwork and sending any remaining payments.

  • Receiving the final artwork through email or social media as JPEG and PNG files.

The status of your commission can be checked out here!


  • When making a commission request, be as clear and detailed as much as possible about the subject, background, props, objects, design, etc. Be sure to include references and examples necessary to help support the request. 

  • If the client chooses to hire more than one person, this must be brought up prior so that  terms and specifics can be discussed with other parties involving the project.


  • Please follow respectful conduct throughout the commission process. This includes following the terms of service and being clear and communicative throughout the commission for the artwork.


- Providing illegible or incoherent requests
- Displaying deceiving or disrespectful behavior towards me or the terms of service

- Inconsistent, delayed or ceasing communication after 2 or more weeks after updates

- Requesting a price adjustment, discount or offering non-monetary exchanges for the commission

- Requesting a refund without my knowledge during the commission or after the commission has been completed

Troublesome clients that break the terms and service and the above violations will be blacklisted from commissioning any artwork from my services in the future. Troublesome clients will also not be eligible for any completed artwork or any refunds. All files and WIPs will be deleted to prevent theft or reproduction of the commissioned artwork.

I can draw:

  • animals​/anthros

  • fan art of existing media or properties

  • humans/humanoids

  • indoor/outdoor scenery

  • props, patterns, text and other general design

I do not draw:

  • adoptables

  • controversial topics or subjects

  • displays of extreme violence, gore and bodily fluids

  • fetishes: regardless of context

  • sexual or suggestive displays



- The client is not allowed to alter, change or modify the commissioned artwork without my permission. This includes  making edits, filters, remakes involving the artwork and removing my signature.

- The client is not allowed to claim the commissioned artwork as their own. This includes reposting and using the artwork in any videos or social media without crediting me as the artist. This also includes plagiarism including tracing or reproducing identical versions of the artwork.

- The client is not allowed to profit off the commissioned artwork. This includes reselling and creating physical or digital prints and goods of the artwork, promotions for existing sources, designs or posts on monetized platforms.


- Commercial usage of the commissioned artwork is intended for work, but not limited to:

- brand identity (logos, icons, layout design, etc.)

- business materials (cards, flyers, takeaways, poster work, etc.)

- covers for albums, books, graphic novels, magazines, etc.

- illustrations for visual media (games, books, animation, etc.)

- collaborations with other artists, businesses, corps, etc.

- To buy rights to the commissioned artwork for commercial use, a non-negotiable 200% additional fee is applied to the total price of the commission. 

- Preexisting designs or subjects, whether it is of my own or from another source that does not belong to the client, are not allowed for commercial use.

  • I tehnutball, the artist, have full copyrights to the commission including the right to post and display my artworks on my portfoilo, various social media and through physical means. I will not claim or profit off the client's intellectual property or subject of the commissioned work. The subject and property of the commissioned work will be credited accordingly under the discretion of the client.

  • If the client requests that the commissioned artwork be kept private, I tehnutball, the artist, will honor the client's request at no charge. Private commissioned artworks will not be shared publicly through social media or a physical presence until the client states otherwise at their discretion.

  • The client may upload and repost the commissioned artwork on any website and social media as long as I am credited as the artist. It is recommended to use the JPG file when posting the artwork online.

  • The client is not allowed to use the commissioned artwork for any cryptocurrency means.

  • The client is not allowed to use the commissioned artwork for any modifications involving artificial intelligence (AI) generators. 

  • Work in Progress (WIP) images are not to be used for modification, reclaiming or for profit without my permission.


  • Rough Sketches, Illustrations, Profile Pictures, Emoticons are base prices. 

  • Graphics including logos, icons, templates and design layouts have a total price based on the hourly rate of $30.


  • Prices for the artworks are subject to change depending on the complexity, timeframe, workload and quantity. Additional prices will be applied respectively.

  • I only accept monetary payment, USD (United States Dollar). I do not accept payment by gift card, passes or any non-monetary forms of currency not limited to subscriptions, reward systems, or codes. If you are out of the US, please make sure to convert your local currency to the correct amount in USD. 

  • I do not accept art exposure or promises of additional revenue with art exposure as a form of payment. Unless specified as a giveaway or collaboration under my terms, I do not accept free art requests or art trades.

  • Payment is accepted by using PayPal (preferred) or Cash App (tag is $tehnutball). 

  • For Rough Sketches, Illustrations, Profile Pictures and Emoticons above $50 USD, a payment of 50% is required for me to start any work on the commission. Otherwise, payment of 100% is required for those works under $50 USD. I do not work on any test sketches or art until full or partial payment has been made.

  • If you are sending payment through PayPal, please make sure your payment is set to Goods and Services.

       Preferably, I will send an invoice for the client to pay there.



  • An expected timeframe for any commission, depending on the style, complexity, workload, and quantity is usually 1 - 3 weeks.  In the case where special circumstances allow the commission to take longer to complete, a maximum deadline will be set to be due 6 months from when the commission was first paid. Nonetheless, I will always update on whether the commission will take longer or shorter to be completed.

  • Once the commission has begun, you will receive Work in Progress (WIP) images of the artwork, from sketch, line art and coloring to final rendering. The files are given a watermark throughout the commission process until all final payments have been received and the commission is completed and approved by the client.

  • All watermarked images are not to be used for the purpose of reposting, plagiarism or profit without my permission. These images may be deleted throughout the commission process to enforce this policy.

  • Once the commission has been approved and completed, the client receives two unwatermarked digital files:

- PNG: this file type is a high-quality, large size image that can be used for print, editing, design or display.

- JPG: this file type is a low-quality, small size image that can be used for reposting, sharing and downloads.

  • Revisions are given depending on the type of commission style. Minor revisions include changes or additions in character accessories, props, edits and minor graphics including text and icons. Major revisions include changes in color palette, character design and change of scenery or background.

- Rough Sketches: The client has 4 major and & 4 minor revisions up to the rendering stage. 

- Icons, Logos & other Graphics: The client has a total of 3 major revisions of up the color stage & 3 minor revisions up to the rendering stage.

- Illustrations & Profile Pictures: The client has a total of 3 major revisions up to the color stage & 3 minor revisions up to the rendering stage.

- Emoticons: The client has a total of 2 major & 2 minor revisions up to the line art stage.

  • It is important that the client makes note of revisions prior to those stages to ensure that the commissioned artwork is up to their standard. Any revisions after those stages for each commission style will have a 20% additional charge. 



  • I reserve the right to cancel or reject a commission request at any time, for any reason. Cancelling your commission request does not necessarily have to do with the client breaking terms and services, but a reason will be provided to you nonetheless in the event that happens. Any cancelled request done by me will receive a full refund.

  • If the client decides to cancel their commission request within reason, the following policy will be applied: 

- Sent 100% or 50% payment, commission has not yet started: FULL REFUND

- Sent 100% or 50% payment, commission has reached sketch stage: 75% REFUND

- Sent 100% or 50% payment, commission has reached line art stage: 50% REFUND

- Sent 100% or 50% payment, commission has reached color stage: 25% REFUND

Once the commission has reached the rendering stage, the client will not be eligible for a refund.

  • Selected commissioned works on sale are not eligible for a refund. Commissioned works on sale are usually temporary or under special circumstances. 

  • Once your request to cancel the commission is accepted, your funds will be sent back through your original payment method. It may take a few days until your funds have been successfully refunded. All watermarked WIPs and the file of the commission will be deleted.

The client must notify me of their cancellation ASAP. If I find that you are issuing a chargeback or request without my permission to send back the payment when the commission is either in progress or already completed, you will be considered a troublesome client.

By making a request for a commission, you are agreeing to the terms of service and commission info including prices, the process, copyrights and payment. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask me and I will address and explain to you any concerns involving the commission. I am more than happy to help project your ideas onto a brand new artwork!

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